Weber BBQ Grill Covers with Model Numbers, Prices, and Links To Purchase

You can say that Weber grills are America’s favorite BBQ grill. Almost anyone goes for Weber whenever they look for quality and affordable grills. This company has been in the market for over fifty years. With that alone, you can already tell that Weber never fails to deliver customer satisfaction. Their first grill was invented by George Stephen in 1952. After that great invention, the company continued to innovate and improve its grill. As of now, Weber has almost ten Weber grill models that everyone adores. What customers like most about their grills is that they are affordable yet provide great value. They have lots of grills for you to choose from. You are more likely to find one that suits your needs and fuel type.

We consider Weber grills as our most precious treasure inside our house. Life won’t be complete without them. This is why they need to be protected at all costs. Although BBQ grill covers are not recommended and there is still a debate among Weber BBQ grill owners on whether covers are really important, the Weber BBQ grill is not a complete set without a cover that also comes from the same brand. If you really want your Weber BBQ grill to last a long time, a cover is a must. We have to settle this issue before we go on with this article because this is all about Weber BBQ grill covers with model numbers, prices, and links to purchase. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Covering Weber BBQ Grills

Why do you need to spend extra dollars for a Weber BBQ grill cover? It can cost you anywhere from 20 to 200 dollars. That is enough to buy another Weber BBQ grill like the 57 cm Compact Kettle Charcoal Grill. Will the purchase of a Weber BBQ grill cover be worth it? The answer is simply yes. You cover the grill after using it and before you leave it in its storage area so it is protected from any elements. If you’re still not convinced, here are some benefits of covering your Weber BBQ grill.

* Helps the grill stays clean
* Protects the grill from weather, animals, and bugs
* Helps prevent rusting
* Helps extend the life of the grill
* Ensures that the food tastes great and is not contaminated

How to Pick the Best Cover for your Weber Grill

Before we go on to the list of BBQ grill covers available on Weber and Amazon, let us first determine how you can choose the best one for the specific grill model that you own. There are two types of grill covers in the market. There are tailor-made covers manufactured by the same company that produces your BBQ grill. This means that if you own a specific model of Weber BBQ grill, chances are, Weber also produced a cover that is made especially for that grill. Another type of grill you’ll find on the market is the universal one. These covers are more affordable and easy to access. To know the cover that best fits your Weber BBQ grill, you should first have the measurement. Weber BBQ grill covers are sorted according to the model type or sizes of the grill. You measure the width of the grill first. Measure its depth. Lastly, measure the height. You only need these three measurements in order to find the best cover for your Weber Grill.

Weber BBQ Grill Covers

You’re now ready to choose a cover for your Weber BBQ grill. There are two online shops for you to choose from. You can go directly to the manufacturer’s website which is at Weber. If you want discounts and free shipping, you are free to purchase from Amazon. Just make sure to check the shop and reviews first, so you only get the original model. This list contains cover options from both these stores.

1. Weber 18″ Charcoal Grill Cover

PRICE: $19.49


As its name suggests, this cover is only for an 18-inch Weber charcoal grill. It may fit other charcoal grills, but this is specially made for this grill model. This means the design and fabric are intended for the grill. This measures 20.5 by 23 by 35 inches. Weber grill covers are best known for being lightweight and durable. This cover can protect your charcoal grill from any kind of weather. This easily fits on the charcoal grill so each corner of the grill is protected.

Get it on WEBER (–et–covers/grill-cover-7175/7175.html).

2. Weber Q 200/2000 Series Grill Cover

PRICE: $27.99


This grill cover is for Weber’s Q2000 and Q200 series grills. If your grill belongs in this series, then this must be the cover you have to buy. This is tailored according to the structure of the grill so it will fit well. This is 8.66 by 4.33 by 2.76 inches. It covers the body of the grill so no foreign elements go inside it and cause damage to the parts. This is lightweight, does not fade quickly, water-resistant, and durable so it’s really worth its price value. It comes with drawstrings to keep the cover in place.

Get it on AMAZON (

3. Weber Spirit II 300 Series Grill Cover

PRICE: $77.40


The three best things about this grill cover are that it’s lightweight, it’s sturdy, and the fabric material is of high quality. It features UV inhibitors so that its color won’t fade that easy even when you put it under the sun more frequently. It is breathable and water-resistant. This helps the grill stay rust-free on rainy days. It also comes with fastening straps because the cover is big so that it will stay in place even when the weather becomes windy.

Get it on AMAZON (

4. Weber Premium 22 Inch Charcoal Grill Cover

PRICE: $45.00


This grill cover is highly rated on Amazon. Buyers loved how weatherproof, water-resistant, and lightweight this grill cover is. This is made especially for Weber 22-inch charcoal grills without the side table. This does not fit Smokey Mountain Cooker so might as well take note of this. This also comes with a fastening strap to keep the cover in place. This is 11 inches long and 7 inches wide. It completely covers the body of the grill except of course the wheels.

Get it on AMAZON (

5. Weber Genesis II Cover

PRICE: $58.00


This cover fits well Weber Genesis II, Genesis II EX/SX, and Genesis II LX 300 Series gas grills. This does not fit the 2022 Genesis 300 series. If you have this grill model, then skip this option. Buying a grill cover that is not for your grill model is risking your money. This grill cover comes with velcro straps for it to stay in place. This is water-resistant, lightweight, breathable, and does not fade that quickly.

Get it on AMAZON (

6. Weber Summit 400 Series Grill Cover

PRICE: $111.99


This is the best grill cover for the Weber Summit 400 series gas barbecues. This is quite big. This measures 47 by 26.8 by 66.8 inches. It comes with fastening straps so the grill stays secured inside it. When the weather is windy, you can also use these straps so that the cover doesn’t fly away. This is easy to put on your grill because it’s not that heavy. This is weather-proof and water-resistant.

Get it on WEBER (–et–covers/premium-grill-cover-7108/7108.html).

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