Weber Grill Models with Overviews, Comparisons, and Prices

Due to its reputation for producing dependable, long-lasting, high-performance gas and charcoal grills, Weber is one of the top grilling brands among the numerous available. Although purchasing a Weber grill is a wise decision, other versions are available, including the company’s traditional charcoal kettle grill, high-performance gas grills, and more recent smokers. But why is Weber such a fantastic grilling brand, and what kinds of grills does Weber offer? Learn more about the top Weber grill options in this article.

The Best Weber Grill Model

1. S-335 Weber Genesis II

Despite its attractive appearance, the Weber Genesis II S-335 will astound you with its incredible grilling abilities. You get 669 square inches of cooking space on this grill, which is large enough to prepare food for a small family and a few guests. Cooking grates of stainless steel rods cover the entire cooking surface and offer the best heat retention.

The main burners are started reliably by Weber’s infinite ignition, even in freezing weather. A 9000 BTU searing portion is available here to give your meats, fish fillets, and veggies an unmistakably smoky flavor. If you require more, you will discover that the side burner has 12,000 BTUs of power. Invest in the grill accessories to get the most out of the S-335. It is an app-connected thermometer that transmits real-time temperature measurements on your phone throughout the cooking process. This addition is, of course, optional, giving the S-335 a financial advantage over the incredibly popular Weber Genesis II S-345 3 burner gas grill—which costs more and ships with this and other, more purely aesthetic enhancements. This fantastic grill costs $499.

2. Weber Spirit E-310

With a $569 price tag, the Weber Spirit E-310 grill boasts the best price-to-performance ratio out of the whole Weber portfolio. This 10-year warranty for this gas BBQ barbecue attests to its dependability and quality construction. You can cook indirectly by lighting the two outside burners while placing the food on top of the center, unlit burner, thanks to the three-burner design. Beyond efficient cooking, efficient button pressing also initiates the ignition.

To indeed start the gas flowing to the other burners, be sure to light one burner first. On this Weber Spirit barbecue, you can cook with any number of burners, even if it might not be the most practical way to light a grill. It makes up for what it lacks in features with unique grease management systems and porcelain-enameled grates. Flavorizer bars reduce flare-ups and add a wonderful, smoky flavor to your cuisine. You can get this for $549.

3. Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

The main objective of this stunning portable barbecue is to fit as much grilling capability into as little space as possible. Especially for a grill intended for travel, this grill has some very potent burners behind it. Additionally, it offers a good amount of inner capacity, is quick to cool down, and is simple to clean up when you need to return on the route.

First, it checks all the boxes for functionality and practicality, essential factors when using a barbecue in the wilderness. The building is solid and straightforward to clean. It is compact and can be used on a patio or small backyard. It also includes cast-iron grates for consistent grilling. Additionally, it consists of a cooking surface with porcelain enamel that is simple to clean after use. A portable grill’s 189 square inches of cooking space is more than plenty. Lastly, it looks fantastic in every color. When camping with a small party, you should bring this grill since you can cook enough food for everyone to eat without worrying about the grill for long periods. You can get this for $259.

4. Weber Genesis II S-435

The Weber Genesis II S-435 offers enough space to feed a group, such as 28 burger patties at once, thanks to its main cooking area’s 646 square inches and a warming rack’s 198 square inches of additional space. The warming rack may be conveniently tucked away when not in use. The grilling system is equipped with easy ignition, stainless steel Flavorizer bars, high-performance burners, and a management system for grease. The side burner has 12,000 BTUs, which is ideal for preparing sauces or side dishes, and the four main burners have a sear zone that can heat up to 48,000 BTUs per hour. The stainless steel rod cooking grates are heat-retaining and straightforward to clean after use. This grill costs $1,299.55.

5. Genesis SX-335 Gas Grill

A member of the Genesis line’s Smart Grill lineup is the Genesis SX-335. This model has a side burner, extra side storage cabinet, Weber Crafted Frame Kit, 7mm stainless steel cooking grates, and Weber Connect Technology integrated into the grill. The Weber Connect Tech and accessible features of the grill appeal to our group. Our staff suggests this grill for someone who needs assistance learning to grill better or who genuinely wants to improve their grilling. And we do not mean that negatively. With many resources, Weber has created the Weber Connect App as a fun way for users to learn how to prepare delicious meals. There are detailed recipe directions that include reminders of when to turn food over. It costs $1,757.

6. Weber Genesis E-325s

The primary grate features a 20% larger cooking surface and produces more heat. Between the middle and right-hand burners on the Genesis E-325s is an additional burner that raises the temperature there, making what Weber refers to as the “Sear Zone.” Compared to the Spirit models, it has more comprehensive side tables, one of which can accommodate a half sheet pan. Weber also changed its extensible warming rack with bars to make it simpler to slide a spatula under the food.

The Genesis E-325s grilling surface comprises steel rods rather than porcelainized cast-iron cooking grates (they won’t significantly affect the quality of your grilled food). It has a frame and a cast-aluminum firebox. However, the Genesis is more mobile than the Spirit II E-310 because it is mounted on a closed cart with four casters. You can get this for $1,179.


There’s a good reason why Weber grills are considered classic, high-quality barbecues. The company has existed since the creator created the kettle grill in the 1950s. Compared to other grill brands, the Weber name carries a premium price tag for a good reason. The grills from Weber are known for their strength. Although the grill may cost more overall due to the materials Weber utilizes, it will last longer than less expensive grills, which helps to offset the price difference. The grills from the manufacturer consistently deliver good performance, have outstanding heat production and dispersion, and include features that simplify regulating temperature.

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