Weber Summit S470 Overview with Comparisons and Best Prices

A crucial piece of equipment for a backyard barbeque is a high-quality grill. However, choosing the ideal grill can be challenging with many high-quality alternatives today. Fortunately, some firms stand out when producing high-quality grills, and Weber is undoubtedly one of them. Here, we’ll quickly examine the Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill to see if it’s a good choice for you.


There are four main burners, a sear smoker, side, and rotisserie burners, in the Weber Summit E-470. This grill is ideal for technology lovers because it has eight knobs on the front for all these burners. Adding a handle-mounted LED grill light, a backlit control panel, and a dozen more options creates a grill with all these features. The E-470 still has plenty of room despite giving up some of its 468 square inches of primary grilling area for the smoker box and rotisserie burner. The E-470 costs the same as the stainless steel S-470 version with the same features.

Summit S470 Specifications

* 10,600 BTU/hr rear infrared rotisserie burner
* 10,600 BTU/hr Sear Station Burner
* 6,800 BTU/hr smoker box burner
* 12,000 BTU/hr for the side burner
* Combined heat output of 48,800 BTU/hr from 4 primary burners.
* Grill with a handle rotisserie system with a primary cooking area of 468 square inches that is light.
* All Components Come With A 10 Year Warranty
* Available for use with natural or propane gas.
* The cooking grate is composed of stainless steel rods 9 mm in diameter.
* Although the lid and cabinet of this grill are made of stainless steel, the model E-470 also comes in black porcelain enameled steel. The Summit S 460 is a built-in variation of this grill designed for outdoor kitchens.

Construction & Assembly Ease

Every element of the Summit S-470 was given the utmost attention by Weber. They used the best materials available for outdoor cooking equipment. The enhanced warranty program from Weber provides additional support. Weber also knows you want to utilize your grill as soon as possible after making a significant investment. The last thing you want to do is spend countless hours assembling it, cracking your knuckles, and coming up with new four-letter phrases for your pupils to repeat in class.

The Weber Summit is preassembled as a result. A few little things need to be implemented, and it will only take five minutes. It is practically unheard of with competing grills, which generally charge you for professional assembly. You still have to wait while someone else assembles your barbecue.


The Weber E-470 is made of stainless steel, so even though it could be challenging to keep the exterior clean, you can be sure it will be able to withstand the elements. It’s a heavy barbeque, weighing in at 245 pounds, and with only two casters, it will be challenging to move. Make sure you have it prepared and grill it before placing it. For something lighter, consider the Char-Broil 463370719.

Maintenance and Cleanup

The Summit S-470 has a front-access drip tray and catch pan for simple cleanup, just like most of Weber’s premium barbecues. Any grease runoff is directed into the catch pan by the drip tray, which may be taken out and thrown away once it is complete. The drip tray may be thoroughly cleaned each time you use it because it is removable.

The cooking grates can quickly be removed for easy access to the firebox. If you take care of the task as soon as they are hot enough to handle, the stainless steel will clean up without much difficulty. Every month or so, we advise cleaning the inside of the grill with a stiff wire brush. You might want to do this task more frequently if you use your grill more regularly than three to four times each week.

Enriching the Flavors

One of the best features of this Weber Summit s470 Gas Grill is the flavorizer bars. They are perfectly positioned beneath the cooking grate and inclined to catch the juice and oil from the meat being grilled, improving the performance. The meal is then smoked back by sizzling and vaporizing the drips. It gives your food a delicious smoky flavor typically absent with a gas grill.

Uncaught drips will travel down into the grease management system. The flavorizer bars enhance the meal’s flavors, prevent flare-ups, guard against clogged burner tubes, and simplify cleaning. The flavorizer bars are constructed from stainless steel and porcelain enamel. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. Regular cleaning with a stainless steel grill brush will help keep them in top condition. To further shield the grill from the outdoors, use a cover.


Aside from performing various activities, the Weber Summit S-470 stands out for its distinctive design. As you open the box, it is immediately apparent that the device is made of industrial-quality stainless steel. Rust resistance and an easy-to-clean special coating are features of the stainless steel body.

The S-470 is no exception to Weber’s tradition of emphasizing grill design. The device is tall enough to utilize for extended periods without growing weary of hunching over. The grill does not have a conventional boxy form, thanks to the lines and curves incorporated for aesthetic appeal. Instead, you get an outdoor barbecue that, although perhaps not the sexiest on the market, meets the highest standards of both utility and style.

Grilling Performance

The Weber Summit is conceivably the most adaptable gas barbecue available. Direct heat can sear. It can be set up as a rotisserie and can smoke food to produce barbecue that is nearly competitive-level good. The built-in burners are concealed in the side shelves. The four individually regulated propane burners each output 10,000 BTUs, making the grill a conventional gas grill for cooking over direct flame. On the surface, this appears to be slightly less than the typical 12,000 BTUs you find with some of the other high-end rival units in this price category. However, the grill grates, made of 9-millimeter stainless steel rods, are how Weber makes up for this. These rods absorb the heat and transfer it directly to the meat for the best possible grill marks once the grill has had 10 to 12 minutes to thoroughly warm.

Why Buy It?

The Summit line of items is widely acknowledged as the best that Weber offers. As a result, “Summit” is a very fitting name. The grill that we’re about to examine is the absolute best available. But is it the best grilling tool for your needs? The flawless design of the S-470 is what people will notice first. As the name implies, stainless steel is the primary building material. It effectively improves the outside appearance of the model. The stainless steel enclosed cart has a sturdy, smooth-opening shroud attached to it. As you might have guessed, efficient heat circulation is guaranteed.

In addition, the model has unique knobs that each regulate a different burner. The red markings on the knobs serve to improve both appearance and functionality. The Summit S-470 has six tool storage areas and some storage shelves. Having them on hand can be pretty helpful when grilling. When you look at this model’s design, the company’s vast experience is evident. The S-470’s robust yet elegant stainless steel exterior exceeds many more expensive versions in terms of aesthetics. Every prospective customer will admire this grill’s polished, accentuated look.

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